Daniel Cunningham Podiatry and Orthotics

The Foot and Ankle Specialist

Diabetes and Your Legs

Daniel Cunningham is experienced with Diabetic foot care and will make a valuable member to your care team. He has a vast experience with monitoring for foot risk factors, early diagnosis of vascular disease, custom footwear, pressure offloading devices and diagnosis/management of peripheral neuropathy.

Diabetes is a systemic disease affecting many different parts of the body, therefore requiring a team approach. A podiatrist is an integral part of the treatment team and has a proven track record in successfully preventing amputations. The key to amputation prevention in diabetic patients is early recognition and regular foot screenings from a podiatrist.


There are warning signs that you should be aware of so that they may be identified and called to the attention of the family physician or podiatrist.  They include: 

  • Skin color changes 
  • Elevation in skin temperature 
  • Swelling of the foot or ankle 
  • Pain in the legs 
  • Open sores on the feet that are slow to heal 
  • Ingrown and fungal toenails 
  • Corns and calluses 
  • Dry cracks in the skin, especially around the heel